To Keep You Safe

by Heavenfaced

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Songs about progress.


released September 15, 2016

Mixed, mastered, and engineered by Jeff Leber, Winter/Spring 2016, Round Lake, IL.



all rights reserved


Heavenfaced Chicago, Illinois

Alternative rock band from the suburbs of Chicago. For fans of bands like Thrice, Balance & Composure, and Brand New.

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Track Name: Dried Up
Stuck in an empty corner
Dried up pen, nothing to show
Track Name: To Keep You Safe
What am I to do, as a man and as a lover
When you're forced to walk right into the realm of a predator
My hands are shaking, and balled tight into fists
I'd beat him senseless if you'd let me, but it'll never be that easy

To keep you safe, I would do anything
But I can't be the one to pull you from that place
It once was a blessing, but now it's a curse
Things have gone from bad to so much worse
I can't fight your battles, I can't say the words

I can't be the one to lay this to rest
But this is killing you, and it's scaring me to death
I know he'll never get what he deserves, a ruined broken life
All I can do is apologize, and stand by your side

And when you finally make it out
We'll grab a torch and burn this place down
Block off the doors and leave the bad men inside
The bad men inside
Track Name: Lost and Uneasy
Trying my best to find comfort in the crawlspace
But not much has changed
Nothing will ever change, it'll never change

It's just the passing of time
Weighing heavy on my mind

I'm always measuring myself against the ones that surround me
They seem miles ahead, and it's harrowing
To see the ground I've gained then left behind me
I can't keep a level head with all the weight
I can't keep a level head

Will I ever be anything but lost and uneasy?
I just want to feel safe
Track Name: Warning Signs
You said, 'We need to try to bring things back to how they were'
I know what you mean
Haven't shared a song or drink in five months and counting
But we're both to blame

It's nothing personal, we just stray

So don't lie, don't tell me that you didn't see the warning signs
From miles away
Everything's fine, we just all live our separate lives
Some of them don't involve you or me

So calm down, this isn't the life that any of us planned
It's what we got instead
It's like what the old man said,
Sometimes you're dealt an unfamiliar hand
What can we do but simply roll with the changes?

But it's out of our hands
I do my best to stay quiet, I know where I stand
You don't like this, but we've faded as friends
I do my best to stay quiet, I know how this
I know how this ends